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Re-marks on Source Material

(44 mins)


The complexities of belonging are numerous.

To ‘fit in’ is to become obliged to participate.

A means to an end becomes a repeated formulation of ideas that are determined before they emerge.

What if we choose not to determine the end?

What if we try another approach?

What if we accept change as potential and lose fear of the unknown?

Here we are.


Re-marks on Source Material is a full-lenght work created as part of my MFA final presentation. The starting point for this piece was examining the individual’s behavioral compliance and complicity in society’s simultaneous networks of power relations.

Play Role



Play Role is an interactive artwork that utilises a dance framework. It is a performative installation based upon the shifting of the roles of spectator, dancer and choreographer. This participatory work mainly focuses on the agency of the spectator, curiously examining how an individual deals with decisions when given an active role of power. The 3 roles are constantly shifting and intersecting, as the rules of the game implemented by the choreographer, the corruption of the performer and the choices of the spectator, shape the outcome of the improvised piece.


The first video is a time-lapse documentary of the work in the Audain Gallery at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, as part of my MFA final presentaion.


The second video is a real time documentary of the original showing also at Simon Fraser University.


This work has been presented in 3 different contexts (the third being at the ART for Impact Festival, Vancouver), and is still in development.


As We Rush To Be

(18 mins)



Riot's Don't Just Happen

(9 mins)

Many Hands



The Space Outside


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