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As maker:

2023               Left of Push/Plastic Orchid Factory – And Everything in Between (solo work in progress)


                        Commissioned by Aphotic Theatre/Arts Connect program – Dance film Wise Bones


2021/22/23    Research in development - Hug          


2022/21         Online performance in UK, collaboration for Moonseed project


2018               Left of Main, Vancouver as part of DIY- Dance in Vancouver Festival – Hug


2017               Left of Main, Vancouver – Double-Trouble


2015               Anvil Centre, New Westminster – The Ongoing Wonder of…


                        Interurban Gallery, Vancouver – The Ongoing Wonder of…


                        Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver - With & Against


2013               MFA Graduating Project, SFU, Vancouver - Re-Marks on Source Material


                        SFU Dance Rep Show, Vancouver - As We Rush to be


2012               SFU Dance Rep Show, Vancouver - Riot’s Don’t Just Happen


                        MFA Spring Show, Art for Impact, Vancouver -  Play Role


                        Out Of Bounds Site Specific Festival, Vancouver - Many Hands

2011                Commissioned by Arts Council England, UK - Meadow

2009                Commissioned by the EU, Germany, Portugal, London - Both Perhaps Present


Movement coach/choreographer:

2023.               Frank Theatre Company – movement coach for film Waazakone written by Yolanda Bonnell

                         Ruby slippers Theatre -  movement coach for stage show Utszan written and performed by Yvonne Wallace

2022                Frank Theatre Company – choreographer and movement coach for film Futur/Us written by Tanya Marquardt

As rehearsal director:

2023.                Mascall Dance (Canada) Rehearsal Assistant - Waldenstein to be performed at Dancing on the Edge festival

2020                 Mascall Dance (Canada) Rehearsal Assistant - Waldenstein


As performer:


2022/23           O’Dela Arts (Canada) dancer Maamawi


2021                 Mascall Dance (Canada)  dancer/researcher The Water Project

2019                 Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis (Canada) Edam Dance Series - dancer


2018                 All Bodies Dance Project (Canada) RoundHouse Theatre – interpreter Translations


2018                 Lee, Su-Feh (Canada) Anvil Centre, New Westminster – Dancer Dance Machine


2017                 Daisy Thompson (Canada/UK) Left Of Main, Vancouver – Dancer Double-Trouble


2015                 Emmalena Fredriksson (Canada/Sweden) MFA final project – Dancer Dance Work/Work Dance’

2014                 Katie DeVries (Canada), Dancing on the Edge Festival, Vancouver - Feast


2014                 Emmalena Fredriksson (Sweden) Bloom at Mascall dance, Vancouver – The Living


2012                 Katie DeVries (Canada) The December Projects , SFU, Vancouver - Feast


2011                 Trisha Brown (USA) Barbican Centre, London - Walking on Walls, Planes & floor of  the Forest


2010/11           Tania Bruguera (Cuba) & Franz Walter (Germany) - Hayward Gallery, London.


2010/11           Lizzi Kew-Ross (UK) - Laban Bonnie Bird theatre & The Old Vic Tunnels - Without Warning


2010                 BBC Fairy Tales – Lambert Productions – Film


2008/2009       Naomi Lefebre-Sell (UK/Canada) – toured in London & Germany – Dharmakaya


2008                 Henry Montes & Deborah May – Film (commissioned by channel 4) – Outlook


2007                 Eva Karczag (Netherlands) – toured in London

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