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I am currently in process with 2 new works, both of which will premiere in 2024:


Hug - is a danced duet that explores ideas of support and sensory togetherness asking what if we were to exam intimacy between two people that diverts our gaze away from the patriarchal lens of sexually intimate associations, to find relationships of care that are non-binary and magical?  Through rhythm, voice, contact dance, unison dance, and electronic soundscapes, a world is created that juxtaposes a relentless tugging rhythm against the tenderness and slowness of caring.

Dancers: Rianne Svelnis & Emmalena Fredriksson

Composer: Edzi'u

In memory of Zahra Shahab




And Everything in Between - is an acclamation to the ongoing daily dance of persistence and faith. Exploring what it takes to live in the middle of things - where we must live with uncertainty and make do with imperfect answers, the work uses the back-and-forth movement quality of ‘rocking’, ‘weight-shifting’ and ‘repetition’, as coordinates to explore the in-between — to find joyful momentum in our ever-moving bodies. As we play tug of war between our body and others, the inside and outside, imagination and reality, the physical and the spiritual, what do we miss in the middle movements of our journeys? And then, what do we discover in the lesser-known parts of ourselves? And Everything in Between is intimately entwined with spoken word poetry by Hari Alluri, and an electronic soundscape by Edzi'u.


Dancer: Daisy Thompson





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